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How do I tag a name I do not know how to spell?

Feb 19, 2021 - Posted by Janet in Transcription

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Amy on 02-22-2021

Hi Janet, Yes, you need to check the format transcript rules of the transcription company you wish to work with. Each company has its own guidelines. For example- Speechpad says- Use [inaudible hh:mm:ss] to indicate words or phrases you couldn't understand. Replace the "hh:mm:ss" with the time stamp of where the inaudible speech begins. Listen to the word/phrase two or three times. If you still can't understand it, mark it inaudible and move on. GoTranscript says- Use [inaudible 00:00:00] when speech cannot be heard due to poor recording or noise (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + K). Use [unintelligible 00:00:00] when speech can be heard but it cannot be understood due to the speaker's manner of speech, accent, et cetera. Hope you find this helpful.

admin@tdb on 02-22-2021

Hi Janet, Thanks for your query. Each company you work for will have its own guidelines on formatting transcripts, including how to tag names that you are unsure of the spelling. Some companies may have you highlight the name throughout the transcript or have a specific color or font they want you to use. Some companies may not what you to flag it whatsoever. If you are taking the TCI final, there is no need to tag names you are unsure of how to spell; just use your best judgment on the spelling. You will not be deducted for misspelling a name you were not given the spelling of. Thanks, and I hope this helps.

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