Which companies employ inexperienced transcribers?

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In Clean Verbatim, the transcribed text does not include:

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1. Which tags should be bolded?

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Olypmus Foot Pedal Issue

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Does anyone use an Olypmus foot pedal in conjuction with DSS Transcription Module?  I recently updated to Windows 11 and my foot pedal no longer does what it used to do.  The play button used to go back roughly 3 seconds with a double ta...


When we take the final test, are we able to use Express Scribe and then copy and paste it into the template? I would like to be able to use my foot pedal for the test, and would like to know how to do this.

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I would like to know how long it take a freelance transcriptionist to transcribe 20 hours of audio-video recordings.

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Online transcribers and translators sought for participation in paid research survey: Earn 15 Euros in 30 minutes and help us improve working conditions on online platforms.

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The international research project Fairwork is currently conducting surveys with online transcribers and translators to evaluate working conditions on various transcription and translation platforms. Data from the surveys will help us to assign a ...


Where can I get those

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Should I transcribe an incomplete sentence?

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Which translation and transcription platforms have the best working conditions?

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Which translation and transcription platforms have the best working conditions? Find out in the new Fairwork 2022 translation and transcription platform ratings!   Fairwork is an international research project that evaluates digital p...

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