How do you work out how much to charge?

Posted by HCarter in Transcription

I understand that you charge per audio minute/hour. My question is, what if you're transcribing a conference and you obviously have 'silent' moments between speakers. Do you charge only from the moment the speaker starts or for the who...


Has anyone heard of webinar transcription?

Posted by KWilliams in Transcription

I'm relatively new to this field and I was doing research in different areas that transcription could be used. I came across an article on something called webinar transcription for SEO and it sounds interesting to me. Does this field hav...


Universal authenticity of the guidelines

Posted by Jishareji96 in Transcription

Does the transcription course studied from transcription certificate insitute covers all the guidelines necessary for transcribing which could recruit a graduate to both online and offline jobs?


Question about placement of BCH and should it be typed

Posted by kenetriaguy in Transcription

I have a question. As  a transcriptionist I have been instructed since the beginning to NOT document anything that is not documented or stated in the correct place. I am transcribing a report that has a brief clinical history space, but nothi...


Available jobs???

Posted by Timothy in Transcription

Hi, I know it's low season for freelancers, but If you need some help with your workload, be it data entry, or transcribing, kindly link me up. My in-tray is open. Thank you.


How much can I earn with Transcribeme?

Posted by Thevenus in Earn Money Online

How much can I earn from transcribeme ? Is it safe ?


How much can I earn with Transcribeme?

Posted by Thevenus in Earn Money Online

Hey, Well I do know that Transcribeme is a earning site as I read its review on CoinPedia.. Working with TranscribeMe not only improves your language skills, but also prepares you for other career opportunities. Transcription services are app...


Laptop car trays for transcription

Posted by Grey in Transcription

Hey, I'm new to this Forum. I was wondering if anyone here has insight into good car laptop trays for transcription while in a vehicle that doesn't include the steering wheel. Any thoughts pertaining may be helpful to me and are appreciated!


Foot pedal and software compatible with each other and Chromebook

Posted by BlessedGrandma in Transcription Software

Can anyone tell me which foot pedals and software are compatible with each other and can be used on a Chromebook? I'm finding it difficult to find the answers by researching. 


Hi, can anyone tell me their favorite transcription software?

Posted by Meghan in Transcription

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