Hi! I want to know that is certification necessary to get a job as transcriptionist or without any certification I can simply apply for the job by passing the exam

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Can anyone tell me which companies offer entry-level general transcription jobs?

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Where can I find transcription work ? Help with transcribeme exam?

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Hello, I want to work as a transcriber kindly help me get started. Thank you so much. 


Looking for advice on best software and foot pedal for Windows 10 user. Thanks

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Hello there, After some research into the transcription business, I'm ready to go pro. For a number of reasons, working from home at this moment would be pretty convenient. I'm having a bit of trouble choosing the right software and ...


Time Stamp

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What is a timestamp? Under what circumstances do we set it? How is it set? Can I have examples of such situations?


What does Full Verbatim include?

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i was asked about following question, can you explain me in detail about it?


What is the best way to find new clients, especially since EMR has changed the MT industry?

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Multiple quotations by the same speaker

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Good Day, When the same speaker quotes more than one person back to back what is the correct format in a transcription? Do we go to a new line as in traditional writing eg Speaker 1: I asked him "Where are you going?" "W...


What companies are offering transcription jobs in this current situation?

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During this pandemic, are there any companies hiring transcriptionists? Please let me know.


Files are transcribed in:

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Resources for Transcriptionists