What are the advantages of Telephone Interpreter Service?

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Some of the prons are: 1.Around-the-clock availability 2.Wider range of languages available 3.Professionalization of interpreters


What is the difference between Language translating and interpreting services?

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Language  Translating Interpreting Services


request for paid research participation

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Online transcribers and translators sought for participation in paid research survey: Earn 15 Euros in 30 minutes and help us improve working conditions on online platforms. The international research project Fairwork is currently conducting su...


Q and A format

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I usually transcribe medical files, however, If I were to guess how Q and A format goes, it would look like this: Q: What is your favorite color? A: Purple Would that be correct???


how to punctuate lecturer who reads a story and interjects his own comments during the reading?

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how to punctuate lecturer who stops to read a story and interjects his own comments during the reading? my idea is: the story text should be put in quotes and then new separate paragraphs, no matter how short, without quotes (in the sam...


Are there guidelines on the practice test.

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Hello TCL, The question is whether they are guidelines on the practice test. Thank you.

Peter Emmanuel Bakam

Hi, what can I do to become a good transcriptionist with little or no capital?

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What are the downsides of working as a full-time, work-from-home Transcriptionist?

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Hello all, I was just wondering what the downsides are, if any, if you were to have a work-from-home career as a Transcriptionist? I know the positive sides of this type of career is that you get to work from home on your own schedule. But is ther...


When are you allowed to release a call?

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With California AB5 law, has there been difficulty finding work for those who live in California?

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