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Looking for advice on best software and foot pedal for Windows 10 user. Thanks

Posted by TomBattistella in Tools and Resources

Hello there, After some research into the transcription business, I'm ready to go pro. For a number of reasons, working from home at this moment would be pretty convenient. I'm having a bit of trouble choosing the right software and ...


I'm new here as well, and looking through the recent questions I'm seeing a bunch of 0 responses. has an audioTranscription thread that seems to get a lot more action and might be worth checking out. Best of luck... Maybe I'll see you there

What's the best transcription foot pedal?

Posted by TravTheTypist in Tools and Resources

Hi, I'm somewhat new to transcription (I've done data entry for years) and I was wondering what some of the top foot pedals were? Do you really need the super expensive ones? Any help would be great thanks!


I've used the Infinity pedal for years and love it.

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