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How can I pass transcription tests online and get hired by companies?

Posted by Abbie in Transcription


Looking for transcription work!

Posted by zeenaomi9 in Transcription

I am an MT with over 14 years experience in the industry, currently looking for work.  Is there anyone to help me in this regard?  I am more than willing to undergo testing for it.

Ginger Wilkie

Which transcription companies pay more?

Posted by Ginger Wilkie in Transcription


Should I apply to a general transcription company that pays less?

Posted by Abbie in Transcription


Will I able to make good money in general transcription career?

Posted by TranscriptionBrat in Transcription


Medication dosage

Posted by sharkaye in Transcription

In every medication administration record there is listed the medication, dose (or dosage), the frequency, route, name of client etc. The name of the medication is followed by the dose. Dose that dose represent the amount to be given to the client...


which one is true

Posted by Humbugg in Transcription

A) You are transcribing two people chatting at a restaurant about an upcoming election. A waiter comes up and takes their order. You DO NOT transcribe the dialogue between the two speakers and waiter because it is irrelevant to the main topic. ...


B) You are transcribing an interview where the interviewer is on the phone with an interviewee. At one point, the interviewer mutes the call and has a short conversation with someone in the room with him who does not speak at any other point in the file, and their conversation has nothing to do with the interview. You DO NOT transcribe this side conversation.?

Posted by Humbugg in Transcription


Is transcription training necessary?

Posted by Leorio in Transcription

Do I need to pursue a professional training course for starting a career in transcription? Also, do I need a license to become a transcriptionist?


Transcription seems kind of hard, any tips?

Posted by Abbie in Transcription

Recently, I decided to give transcription career a try. I tried to get accepted by Rev, GMR Transcription, and TranscibeMe, but that didn't go that well. I'm working with GoTranscript, but the pay is very low. Guys, can you help me w...

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