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What is Podcast transcription services ?

Posted by Jackfroz in Transcription

Radio Transcription is a very important parameter to follow to make content accessible to the world. It definitely has to be first on the to-do list. Since it makes your radio audios completely available and reachable, it is sensible to get them t...


How to put on time stamps

Posted by Lepagey1972 in Transcription

Hi  I have been transcribing for 25 years and never had to use time stamps. I have just started freelancing and now need to start using time stamps. Can someone please explain which tools I need for the job.  Many thanks 


Help with transcription

Posted by Abcdefg in Transcription

Not sure how to convert the English form to transcription   key = ki or ki:      loot= lut or lu:t  net= net 


What are important transcription equipment required for a transcriptionist?

Posted by prosperity2020 in Transcription

Ginger Wilkie

How can I earn more as a transcriptionist?

Posted by Ginger Wilkie in Transcription


How to work as a freelance transcriptionist? How can I land more clients?

Posted by TranscriptionBrat in Transcription


How can I pass transcription tests online and get hired by companies?

Posted by Abbie in Transcription


Looking for transcription work!

Posted by zeenaomi9 in Transcription

I am an MT with over 14 years experience in the industry, currently looking for work.  Is there anyone to help me in this regard?  I am more than willing to undergo testing for it.

Ginger Wilkie

Which transcription companies pay more?

Posted by Ginger Wilkie in Transcription


Should I apply to a general transcription company that pays less?

Posted by Abbie in Transcription

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