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Should I transcribe an incomplete sentence?

Posted by Amy in Transcription


Whether complete or incomplete, every sentence should be transcribed. For an incomplete sentence, you can put a double dash at the end to signify the sentence is incomplete.

Q and A format

Posted by SpeedyMaii in Transcription

I usually transcribe medical files, however, If I were to guess how Q and A format goes, it would look like this: Q: What is your favorite color? A: Purple Would that be correct???


Yes, that is a great way to format a Q & A style transcription. However, it would be best to use the speaker’s names instead of Q & A as the speaker labels unless that is specifically requested. Many transcription companies have their own rules on how they want interviews formatted, so you would like to check with the company or your client to verify that you produce the transcript in the format they want. Thanks, Minnie

how to punctuate lecturer who reads a story and interjects his own comments during the reading?

Posted by TimO in Transcription

how to punctuate lecturer who stops to read a story and interjects his own comments during the reading? my idea is: the story text should be put in quotes and then new separate paragraphs, no matter how short, without quotes (in the sam...


There are many ways that this can be transcribed, and the punctuation can vary. It is best to consult your client to make sure you follow the formatting they want. We would put the story in quotation marks and the speaker's interjections in parentheses. For example: Speaker: I am going to read you a story. “Once upon a time, in a land far away (oh, I can’t believe this is how the story starts), there lived a purple pig (oh my goodness, how silly) who had no friends…. The end.” How did everyone like that story? - Thanks, Minnie

Are there guidelines on the practice test.

Posted by elijahnjogu in Transcription

Hello TCL, The question is whether they are guidelines on the practice test. Thank you.


Hi, There are no guidelines for the practice tests. But we do take the formatting style sheet into consideration. Thanks, Minnie.
Peter Emmanuel Bakam

Hi, what can I do to become a good transcriptionist with little or no capital?

Posted by Peter Emmanuel Bakam in Transcription


OK. Thank you

What are the downsides of working as a full-time, work-from-home Transcriptionist?

Posted by procamora in Transcription

Hello all, I was just wondering what the downsides are, if any, if you were to have a work-from-home career as a Transcriptionist? I know the positive sides of this type of career is that you get to work from home on your own schedule. But is ther...


I can see your point about constant motivation. At times it could be challenging if you are working from home. But the pros of working from home outweigh the cons if you ask me. One needs to be disciplined as WFH has many distractions, especially with little children. The fact that a transcriptionist is always in a driver seat tells a lot :) If you listen to our podcast, you may find this helpful as I ask Beth Worthy, President of GMRTranscription, questions along these lines. You can also read our blog at - Thank you, Minnie.
Kris D

Blocking out noise/distractions

Posted by Kris D in Transcription

I work in an area that was recently renovated and I lost my office. I'm now in a space with three walls but where the fourth would be is an open lobby-type area where two people answer phones all day and other employees often congregate t...


This is a super late reply, but I have to deal with a roommate talking on the phone in the next room on weekends & I get the annoyance. Get a loud fan. It sucks if you have crappy audio, but if you're working with decent quality audio then it still works.

what is the rule about slang words in clear verbatim

Posted by totsie in Transcription


If timestamps are requested at every speaker change then you would put them on the left side of the page between each speaker label.

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