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Hi! I want to know that is certification necessary to get a job as transcriptionist or without any certification I can simply apply for the job by passing the exam

Aug 05, 2020 - Posted by Anurag007 in Transcription

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admin@tdb on 08-21-2020

Hi Anurag007, Answer to your question is no, certification is not compulsory for getting into transcription but it's advised to get training to sharpen your skill. Beth worthy, president of GMR Transcription, says, "if you're a brand new transcriptionist. I feel like it's a must to have some sort of training or introduction into transcription or the most recent grammar guidelines. I think it’s really important. There are just so many things that you need to know from being able to play or use the different audio softwares to being a grammar expert, I feel like those are things that you're going to need to know". So, yeah, you get preference if you have the certification. You can read about Beth and GMRT more here:

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