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how to punctuate lecturer who reads a story and interjects his own comments during the reading?

May 25, 2022 - Posted by TimO in Transcription

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how to punctuate lecturer who stops to read a story and interjects his own comments during the reading?

my idea is:

the story text should be put in quotes and then new separate paragraphs, no matter how short, without quotes (in the same style as his usual delivery) when he is commenting on the story?

is there a standard or some style usually done for this situation?

there are no house styles that apply here or anyone to ask or answer to on this

admin@tdb on 06-02-2022

There are many ways that this can be transcribed, and the punctuation can vary. It is best to consult your client to make sure you follow the formatting they want. We would put the story in quotation marks and the speaker's interjections in parentheses. For example: Speaker: I am going to read you a story. “Once upon a time, in a land far away (oh, I can’t believe this is how the story starts), there lived a purple pig (oh my goodness, how silly) who had no friends…. The end.” How did everyone like that story? - Thanks, Minnie

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