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What are important transcription equipment required for a transcriptionist?

Aug 12, 2019 - Posted by prosperity2020 in Transcription

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Ginger Wilkie on 01-05-2020

Hi prosperity2020,<br />I'll list down basic pieces of equipment that every transcriptionist needs.<br />1. Computer Or Laptop<br />2. Comfortable Headphones<br />3. Ergonomic Keyboard<br />4. Ergonomically Designed Chair<br />5. Foot Pedal<br />6. Word Processing Software like WordPerfect or Microsoft Office<br />7. Dictionary or a Thesaurus<br />8. Industry-Specific Manuals<br />9. Text Expander<br />10. Time Tracking Software<br />11. File Converting Software<br /><br />You can add more or customize any of these based on your specific requirements.

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