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Looking for advice on best software and foot pedal for Windows 10 user. Thanks

Jun 30, 2020 - Posted by TomBattistella in Tools and Resources

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Hello there,

After some research into the transcription business, I'm ready to go pro. For a number of reasons, working from home at this moment would be pretty convenient.

I'm having a bit of trouble choosing the right software and foot pedal. For the sake of clarity, I'm talking transcription NOT dictation.

Express Scribe Pro seems to be pretty popular (I already tried the free version), but I see products like The FTW Transcriber are also held in high regard. I also see that a lot of people use the in-USB2 pedal, but I've read some reviews concerning reliability and compatibility issues that give me pause; what about in-USB1? Philips? I'm using a Windows 10.

That's all, any pointers and suggestions would be greatly appreciated

I sincerely thank you all in advance

Meghan on 07-16-2020

Express Scribe and FTW Transcriber are both equally great. If you have already been using Express Scribe and like it, stick with that. They both have very similar features and ease of use. When it comes to foot pedals, they all work the same way and there is not much to them besides being compatible with your computer. You should check reviews to make sure other typists haven't had any trouble with them. Research the foot pedal specifications to ensure it is compatible with your computer system. If they have good reviews and are compatible with your system, then I would go with the best deal.

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