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Hi! I want to know that is certification necessary to get a job as transcriptionist or without any certification I can simply apply for the job by passing the exam

Posted by Anurag007 in Transcription


Hi Anurag007, Answer to your question is no, certification is not compulsory for getting into transcription but it's advised to get training to sharpen your skill. Beth worthy, president of GMR Transcription, says, "if you're a brand new transcriptionist. I feel like it's a must to have some sort of training or introduction into transcription or the most recent grammar guidelines. I think it’s really important. There are just so many things that you need to know from being able to play or use the different audio softwares to being a grammar expert, I feel like those are things that you're going to need to know". So, yeah, you get preference if you have the certification. You can read about Beth and GMRT more here:

Can anyone tell me which companies offer entry-level general transcription jobs?

Posted by Meghan in Transcription


Hi Meghan, you can check Daily Transcription, Transcribe Me, Casting Word, AccuTran Global & SpeechPad. Thanks.

Where can I find transcription work ? Help with transcribeme exam?

Posted by tahmid024 in Transcription

Hello, I want to work as a transcriber kindly help me get started. Thank you so much. 


Hey, According to me, practice can help you in clearing any transcription exam. You can start with appearing for a free practice test and evaluate yourself. TCI offers a set of tests to practice your speed and accuracy. You can check it out here. If that does not help that consider taking a course and get the certification. This would definitely help you in building your resume and stand out among others.

Looking for advice on best software and foot pedal for Windows 10 user. Thanks

Posted by TomBattistella in Tools and Resources

Hello there, After some research into the transcription business, I'm ready to go pro. For a number of reasons, working from home at this moment would be pretty convenient. I'm having a bit of trouble choosing the right software and ...


I'm new here as well, and looking through the recent questions I'm seeing a bunch of 0 responses. has an audioTranscription thread that seems to get a lot more action and might be worth checking out. Best of luck... Maybe I'll see you there

Time Stamp

Posted by Aaduus in Transcription

What is a timestamp? Under what circumstances do we set it? How is it set? Can I have examples of such situations?


Time Stamps are very important to understand if you plan to do transcription. It is a mark in the transcript that notates the specific time in the audio. People request time stamps so that they can easily match up parts of the transcript and the audio. The TCI course explains time stamps in great detail, shows examples, and explains exactly how to insert them into transcripts, so take our course to learn more about time stamps and many other aspects of transcription.

What does Full Verbatim include?

Posted by Kashu96 in Transcription

i was asked about following question, can you explain me in detail about it?


Hi, verbatim transcripts capture all speech, non-verbal utterances including the pauses, laughter, silence and throat clearing in an audio file exactly the same way as delivered.

What is the best way to find new clients, especially since EMR has changed the MT industry?

Posted by dnemt in Transcription


Hey, I am into general transcription where we look for a large transcription company, so that the company does all the work to find clients and we can focus solely on transcription.

Files are transcribed in:

Posted by ijaz in Transcription


Hi Ijaz, Can you please clarify what exactly you want to ask?

how much can I earn as a beginner in transcription?

Posted by Amy in Transcription

Can anyone tell me how much is the minimum pay for beginners in transcription? 


According to Payscale the average money that a transcriptionist makes per hour is around $12. However, how much you earn depends upon your speed, accuracy and the company you work for. These are some of the companies that pay well.

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