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What does Full Verbatim include?

Posted by Kashu96 in Transcription

i was asked about following question, can you explain me in detail about it?


Hi, verbatim transcripts capture all speech, non-verbal utterances including the pauses, laughter, silence and throat clearing in an audio file exactly the same way as delivered.

Files are transcribed in:

Posted by ijaz in Transcription


Hi Ijaz, Can you please clarify what exactly you want to ask?

how much can I earn as a beginner in transcription?

Posted by Amy in Transcription

Can anyone tell me how much is the minimum pay for beginners in transcription? 


According to Payscale the average money that a transcriptionist makes per hour is around $12. However, how much you earn depends upon your speed, accuracy and the company you work for. These are some of the companies that pay well.

What things should I focus while creating my resume for general transcription?

Posted by Leorio in Jobs

What points should I keep in mind while creating a resume for applying as a general transcriptionist? Also, what are the basic mistakes that transcriptionist do that leads their resumes to end up on the bottom of a recruiter's pile? 


I think you should include these sections in your resume to make it outstanding from others- - Your experience - Your education - Your skills - Your profile summary - Your profile picture Hope you find my answer useful.

How to put on time stamps

Posted by Lepagey1972 in Transcription

Hi  I have been transcribing for 25 years and never had to use time stamps. I have just started freelancing and now need to start using time stamps. Can someone please explain which tools I need for the job.  Many thanks 


Hi, I can tell you how to use a timestamp in Express Scribe. You are going to have to make sure that your display is in the correct format. Go to Options> Display>and look at ‘Time Format’. There is a drop-down menu there. Select hh:mm:ss. Now, when you’re transcribing a document which requires timestamps: “To insert timestamps into a Word document, in Express Scribe go to Options, then select Hot Keys. Click Add at the bottom of the box to create a System-wide Hot Key. A Window pops up asking you to press a key. In my version of Express Scribe F1 and F11 are free. I chose F1. Then a Select Command box pops up. Scroll down to Copy Time and select this. “Now, as you play the audio file in Express Scribe, all you have to do is press your Hot Key (F1 for me) at the point where you hear the word you want to time stamp, and then CTRL V to paste it in Word. Another way of doing it is to use the “ key instead of F1. Since we don’t use it when transcribing, it’s a way to insert the timestamp without taking your fingers too far from the home keys. Hope you find this helpful.

Help with transcription

Posted by Abcdefg in Transcription

Not sure how to convert the English form to transcription   key = ki or ki:      loot= lut or lu:t  net= net 


Hi, I can tell you the transcripted form of your words in the US form. Key- kiː Loot- luːt Net- net Hope you find this helpful. Thanks

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