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shaini froz

A Brief Outline About Certificate Translation Services

Posted by shaini froz in Translation

Certificates pose a problem during translation. First, for a certificate to be recognized it should be written (translated) in any of the official languages of the country. To give an example, a marriage certificate translation services has to be ...

Grace ferlland

Where can I find safe and secure book translation?

Posted by Grace ferlland in Translation

Transcription Services US is an international online company that provides transcription, translation, captioning, voice-over, subtitling, and video services. The agency is a US-based multilingual service provider that supports 100+ languages.&nbs...


What is Podcast transcription services ?

Posted by Jackfroz in Transcription

Radio Transcription is a very important parameter to follow to make content accessible to the world. It definitely has to be first on the to-do list. Since it makes your radio audios completely available and reachable, it is sensible to get them t...


What things should I focus while creating my resume for general transcription?

Posted by Leorio in Jobs

What points should I keep in mind while creating a resume for applying as a general transcriptionist? Also, what are the basic mistakes that transcriptionist do that leads their resumes to end up on the bottom of a recruiter's pile? 


How to put on time stamps

Posted by Lepagey1972 in Transcription

Hi  I have been transcribing for 25 years and never had to use time stamps. I have just started freelancing and now need to start using time stamps. Can someone please explain which tools I need for the job.  Many thanks 


Help with transcription

Posted by Abcdefg in Transcription

Not sure how to convert the English form to transcription   key = ki or ki:      loot= lut or lu:t  net= net 

charles dthomas

Is getting quality website translation services the bottleneck of your global expansion?

Posted by charles dthomas in Translation

The recent report of the available data about language uses and the internet users states that 70% of the world doesn’t speak English, but 57% of websites contain only English. As many as two thirds of internet users are non-native English s...


conversion software for mac

Posted by Rachel in Transcription Software

What is the best conversion software for a mac user?


What are important transcription equipment required for a transcriptionist?

Posted by prosperity2020 in Transcription


Do I need to pay taxes if I work as a transcriptionist from home?

Posted by TranscriptionBrat in Other

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