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Kris D

Blocking out noise/distractions

Posted by Kris D in Transcription

I work in an area that was recently renovated and I lost my office. I'm now in a space with three walls but where the fourth would be is an open lobby-type area where two people answer phones all day and other employees often congregate t...


This is a super late reply, but I have to deal with a roommate talking on the phone in the next room on weekends & I get the annoyance. Get a loud fan. It sucks if you have crappy audio, but if you're working with decent quality audio then it still works.

Comma advice on your website

Posted by Transgirl in Other

"Mahesh is the spokesperson of the Transcription Certification Institute, an Ellensburg, WA based company that provides comprehensive online general transcription training certification courses." Just letting you know that there shoul...


Thanks, Transgirl for noticing this error. We have updated the content. And as appreciation, we want you to gift free access to our Accuracy Assessment Tool to practice transcription. Just to confirm, is this your email ID- Team TCI

what is the rule about slang words in clear verbatim

Posted by totsie in Transcription


If timestamps are requested at every speaker change then you would put them on the left side of the page between each speaker label.

After each change of speaker when to put the time mark exactly?

Posted by minthero in Transcription

Hello, I was wondering whether you put the time stamp right before the other person starts to speak or right after the person before who spoke before the change? Thank your for reading this Marcel


If timestamps are requested at every speaker change then you would put them on the left side of the page between each speaker label.

How do you work out how much to charge?

Posted by HCarter in Transcription

I understand that you charge per audio minute/hour. My question is, what if you're transcribing a conference and you obviously have 'silent' moments between speakers. Do you charge only from the moment the speaker starts or for the who...


The best way is to figure how much you want to make per hour of your time, then take into consideration how much time it takes you to complete the job. Taking those into consideration should help you come up with how much you should charge per project.

Has anyone heard of webinar transcription?

Posted by KWilliams in Transcription

I'm relatively new to this field and I was doing research in different areas that transcription could be used. I came across an article on something called webinar transcription for SEO and it sounds interesting to me. Does this field hav...


Yes, this is becoming more popular.

Universal authenticity of the guidelines

Posted by Jishareji96 in Transcription

Does the transcription course studied from transcription certificate insitute covers all the guidelines necessary for transcribing which could recruit a graduate to both online and offline jobs?


Hi, Jishaan, Thanks for your query. Yes, our course covers all the aspects of general transcription. Once completed, you will be given a certificate of completion of our course.

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