Are there guidelines on the practice test.

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Hello TCL, The question is whether they are guidelines on the practice test. Thank you.

Peter Emmanuel Bakam

Hi, what can I do to become a good transcriptionist with little or no capital?

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What are the downsides of working as a full-time, work-from-home Transcriptionist?

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Hello all, I was just wondering what the downsides are, if any, if you were to have a work-from-home career as a Transcriptionist? I know the positive sides of this type of career is that you get to work from home on your own schedule. But is ther...


When are you allowed to release a call?

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With California AB5 law, has there been difficulty finding work for those who live in California?

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Kris D

Blocking out noise/distractions

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I work in an area that was recently renovated and I lost my office. I'm now in a space with three walls but where the fourth would be is an open lobby-type area where two people answer phones all day and other employees often congregate t...


Do your transcriptionists sign any confidentiality agreements?

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Comma advice on your website

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"Mahesh is the spokesperson of the Transcription Certification Institute, an Ellensburg, WA based company that provides comprehensive online general transcription training certification courses." Just letting you know that there shoul...


what is the rule about slang words in clear verbatim

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After each change of speaker when to put the time mark exactly?

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Hello, I was wondering whether you put the time stamp right before the other person starts to speak or right after the person before who spoke before the change? Thank your for reading this Marcel

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